How to Set up Wireless Rear Home Theater Speakers

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In many living environments, it is often difficult or undesirable to run long speaker wires. However, those wires are required when setting up multiple loudspeakers. In particular, home theater systems require a large amount of speakers to be placed across the room. As an alternative, manufacturers have come up with wireless speaker sets which are designed for eliminating long speaker cables. These sets oftentimes can come in handy in difficult installation environments. Obviously, a professional installer will usually prefer to run speaker wires. However, in many situations you are adding the system after your home is already built and furnished. In those cases it is often more convenient to use a wireless solution in order to eliminate the need to drill holes into your walls.

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However, there are certain things you have to keep in mind when setting up home theater speakers by using wireless technology. First of all, the technology that is being used should be time proven and also work at a frequency that does not directly compete …

How to Purchase Loudspeakers

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Finding the right type of loudspeakers is like finding a needle in a haystack. The fact is that different types of speakers will sound different to everybody. Not only that but the environment will affect the performance of a particular model quite a bit. Therefore, it is quite tricky to find a pair of speakers that will sound perfect for someone. However, you can usually get by by picking some speakers which are sold for more than $100. Make sure you purchase the speakers from a reputable manufacturer and retailer which will give you peace of mind down the road. Some retailers will allow you to return the product in case it doesn’t perform as you would’ve expected. If you want to try out different speakers than rather than ordering speakers from a mail-order catalog I would recommend making a trip to your local retailer. This will allow you to assess different models in the short amount of time.

Reading reviews about loudspeakers is not very useful because as I …

How to Properly Use Bluetooth Audio Receivers

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Bluetooth receivers are great for playing music from a cell phone over loudspeakers without having to plug in an amplifier to a phone. Essentially they are a link between your phone and the audio amplifier or amplified speakers. Most cell phones nowadays support streaming via Bluetooth. Both android phones as well as iPhones have that functionality but a lot of different phones also come equipped with Bluetooth.

Bluetooth actually supports several audio profiles for streaming. The most common profile is the sub-band coding profile. Sub-band coding is in fact the name of the compression standard which is utilized by traditional audio profiles. There are also some other more modern standards available such as apt X. However, these standards are only supported by devices which incorporate Bluetooth chips from Cambridge silicon radio.

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However, if you do have an apt X-enabled audio receiver then I definitely recommend using it. Apt X typically will offer higher fidelity than the traditional audio profiles can provide. But then keep in mind that you can only …

A Comparison of Wireless Speakers

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Nowadays almost every hi-fi manufacturer has a model of wireless speakers. Because of the huge number of available models, it is difficult to figure out which product is best for a particular application. Every model has pros and cons and is often difficult to figure out what technology works best in a particular situation. A broad understanding of what types of wireless speakers on the market will help you and your selection. I will give some pointers about picking some wireless speakers.

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The bulk of wireless speakers from nowadays are Bluetooth speakers. That is not surprising because price tags have come down tremendously for the speakers. Also, people like the convenience of streaming audio from the cell phones. Other wireless phones cannot receive the signal directly from a phone. That is the feature which is driving the sales of these types of wireless speakers. There are literally hundreds of different models available these days. Most of these are either one or two speakers built into a single enclosure. This, …

A Look at Tablet Computers

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Tablet computers sort of seemed to bridge the gap between cell phones and notebook computers. So it seems like they are sort of in between the two and don’t really have any meaning. So then the question becomes why is it that the tablet computer market has seen such a tremendous growth lately? In fact, it seems that desktop computers are being pushed out of business by tablets. Let me try to answer some of these questions and also give you my thoughts about tablet computers.

I have to admit, tablet computers are excellent when it comes to working as a book reader. I always thought that reading a book on a cell phone was straining my eyes because of the small screen. Amazon is selling its own reader which is called Kindle which is sort of a low-and tablet. However, it is running a proprietary operating system and isn’t much good for anything else. The android operating system is dominating the market of tablet computers these days. If you …

How You Can Save Some Money When Picking out a Pair of Cordless Speakers

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It is always good to know the product fairly well before committing to purchase. That is regardless of whether you are visiting retailer, hiring installer or purchasing a product online. The first step in each purchasing decision is to find the product which you wish to buy. The second step is to figure out where going to buy the product. The last decision is usually dictated by the price as well as by the customer service. There also some ways to save money regardless where you buy the product. In this post I’m going to focus on wireless speakers and show some tips for picking out the right model and also saving a bundle.

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The main decision of what model of wireless speakers you want to purchase, should be dependent on your application and your requirements. Some people have fairly stringent requirements when it comes to sound quality. In fact, audio files might not even consider purchasing wireless speakers. That is because traditionally wireless speakers were lacking in sound quality …